Soap making is one of the traditions in Nablus, we are the 5th generation working on the soap making, and we are glad to share the history that we are proud of.

In 1975 Muath Majed Nabulsi made a modulation in the manufacturing process, he automated some parts of it, keeping the touch of hand made as it is a sign.

In 1998 Muath start his second modulation and development in the production line, where changing the shape of the soap bars making it easy to hold, smooth faces, and for sure quality is our priority, this is why we make soap from Palestinian Virgin Olive Oil.

In 2005 Muath and his Sons started their 3rd modulation which were making liquid olive oil soap that is full of its natural characteristics, rich with the pure color of the olive oil. and also Fresh goats milk soap bars.

Olive oil soap manufacturing is one of our cultural values in Nablus and known as a family Business.

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